Debt Recovery Work
Conducted by Mr.K.J. Conroy

Debt upto £10,000  Price
a) For initial  letter of claim re business debt £50.00
b) If the debt is owed by a customer to a business
, then a debt protocol letter would apply
c) Fixed fee to advise re Small Claims Court and
settle Particulars of Claim only.


Debt upto £25,000 Price
a) For inital letter of claim re business debt £75.00
b) Fixed fee to advise on County Court proceedings and settle Particulars of Claim only £400.00
c) To litegate case up to settling down for trial £3,000.00
d) To Litigate case up to and including trial £5,000.00

Motoring Offences (within 25 mile radius of our office)
Conducted by Mr.K.J. Conroy

Guilty Not Guilty/Trial
Driving without due care and attention £400.00 £2,000.00
Drink Driving £400.00 £2,000.00
Document Offences (eg No insurance) £400.00 £2,000.00
Speeding including risk of disqualification £400.00 £2,000.00
Special reason to avoid disqaulification £2,000.00

Please note the above quotes where cases are concluded at the first hearing but exclsuive of VAT, disbursements and expert fees where necessary. For cases outside a 25 mile radius of our office, we would charge and £100.00

In respect of a not guilty pleas resulting in a trial, the above quote os on the basis of the trial lasting not mre than one day. If the case lasts more that one day, then there would be an additional charge of £750.00 per day.

For all enquiries, please email

For all enquiries, please email

Intial Consultations
for one hour first appointment with one of our Solicitors, we charge £100 + VAT for personal. If you wish to book a consultation for a company, please email for a quote.


Will drafing and the administration of estates is carried out by Howard Shelley, a senior Solicitor with 13 years post qualification experiance.

If you choose to appoint this firm as a sole or joint executor of your estate we will:

– Discount our fees (see below) for the preparation of your will by 50%
– Secureley keep your will at no charge to you or your estate.
– Provide you with copies of a letter you can distribute to your family to let them know where your will is held.

– Charge your estate on your death at the hourly rate currently allowed for A Grade solicitors in Birmingham less
15% plus disbursements for the work involved in administering it. Currently that would work out as £180.45 per hour.
We will not charge any uplift on those fees based on the value of your estate.

– Your estate will incur expenses (Oknown as disbursement) in particular probate fees, which are currently (as at Dec 2018)
£215. In addition there may be tracing fees (if a beneficiary cannot be located) and land registry fees if a
property is involved.

If you choose not to appoint this firm as an executor of your will, we will charge £200 + VAT for preparing a simple will leaving the entire estate to named individuals providing:

a:) Advice on reducing liability to inheritance tax is not required.
b:) None of the funds are to be held under the terms of a will trust.
c:) No provision is required for a testamentry Guardian.
d:) No property is held abroad.

For more complex wills we have to consider the amount of work involved and this will be charged out to you at £150+VAT per hour. We would not charge you more than £1000 + VAT under any circumstances. Generally preparing a will does not require us to incur and disbursements but if you require us to travel to you we will charge mileage and exceptionally, we may require a medical report to confirm you retian the capacity to prepare a will.