Fixed Fee Divorce

Divorce proceedings can be costly, so to help to save you money, KJ Conroy & Co are pleased to offer fixed fees and staged fees – which are available in certain cases where both parties are in full time employment. By giving you an upfront picture of how much the process will cost, we can help you to budget more effectively for your divorce, which will in turn help to minimise the financial stress that the breakdown of a marriage can entail.

Initial Meeting

The costs of this service are as follows;
During this meeting, we will advise on the grounds for your divorce and your legal rights. The cost for this is £100.00 plus VAT.

Fixed Fee Divorce Costs

If both parties are in agreement that the marriage has irretrievably broken down, our fees on issuing Divorce proceedings are £750.00 plus VAT, along with Court fees which are currently £550.00. If you are the Respondent, our fees are £250.00 plus VAT.

The spouse issuing divorce proceedings is the Petitioner, and may be entitled to claim those costs back. If these costs are not agreed by the Respondent, the dispute may have to be resolved in Court, and the fees outlined above do not include representation at Court if we have to attend to claim costs on your behalf.

Each divorce has its own financial issues, and we also offer fixed fees for a range of scenarios that you may find yourself facing during your divorce.

Our team of solicitors will be happy to explain these expenses in more detail to enable you to get a better idea of just how much your divorce will cost, and we recommend that you contact us directly to discuss a fixed fee divorce. Call now on 0121 212 1575, or complete our online contact form to begin your enquiry now.


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