Workplace Accidents

Your employer has a legal responsibility to provide you with a safe working environment, and if you have suffered an injury or illness as a result of your working conditions, you may be entitled to compensation. Everybody has the right to be safe whilst at work, and if your employer has failed to fulfil this responsibility, we can provide the expert legal advice and support that you need to make your case.

Accidents can occur in any workplace, but if it can be proved that your employer or one of their employees was at fault, or that unacceptable working conditions have caused your illness or injury, KJ Conroy & Co can help you to recover full compensation on a ‘No Win No Fee’ basis.

When employees are injured at work, an investigation will be carried out to determine whether the employer was in breach of Health and Safety law.

To process a full claim for compensation on your behalf, we may need to request an engineering report to establish the state of the current working environment, which will determine whether it reaches the standards defined by the law.

We will also arrange a consultation with a medical expert whose report will detail your injuries and how they affect your everyday life, following which you may be referred to a physiotherapist to aid your recovery if required.

We can offer our services on a ‘No Win No Fee’ basis and if your case is successful you will keep 100% of the amount awarded. If your case reaches litigation, we will fund any Court fees and costs of medical assessment.

In addition to assisting you to make a claim for compensation for a personal injury suffered at work, KJ Conroy & Co can also apply for compensation for loss of earnings or other financial losses suffered as a result of your accident where required.



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