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From November 2016 K J Conroy will be offering an integrated wills and probate service to our clients. It is most important that you make a will. If you do not do so then your estate will be divided according to legal rules (Intestacy Rules) and the result can often be very unfair and contrary to your wishes. If you die without making a Will and your family tries to give effect to what they believe would have been your wishes for a gift to a Charity they can be accused of Estate fraud. Making a will is an easy process and, contrary to what you might have heard, relatively painless. (Just in case you worry about it – there is no evidence that making a Will hastens your demise!)

We will see you on a no-obligation basis to advise you on your options for £75.00 plus VAT. If you decide to make a Will with us we will charge you another £150.00 plus VAT for doing so unless the Will you require is very complex or you need us to visit you at home. If you want us to keep your will for you (wills are often lost) we do this free of charge and we will give you letters for your relatives to tell them where your will is being held. You may want us to assist you in winding up your estate after you have died either alone or jointly with your relatives. If so then you can name us as your executor. An executor is a person with the power to wind up your affairs after your death. We can agree a fee with you for this work. Finally if there is an dispute about your Estate after your death then we can help your Estate with that too.


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