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Money Disputes

Money disputes can include claims for money that you are owed or your are in dispute with a claimee who says you owe him money. If you had an agreement with an individual or company, and you have carried out your part of the agreement (such as lend them money or provided a service) you are entitled to force the other person to comply with the terms of the agreement, provided there is evidence to corroborate your case. Ideally, you would require a copy of the agreement; however, if there was no agreement, you could produce other written evidence to reflect the same.

You may even have witnesses that could corroborate your case. If there is n evidence and the matter proceeds to Court, the onus would be on you to persuade a Judge that the facts of your case are true.

We can advise on the costs involved for both the claim and enforcement.

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Contract Disputes

A contractual dispute is usually when a party in a contract has a disagreement concerning its terms or definitions, whether it is you or your client. If handled poorly, contractual disputes can be costly and time-consuming, end up in court and damage your business relationships and reputation.

The most common types of contractual dispute are as follows:

Common remedies for such disputes are:

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Property Disputes and Disputes Over Land

The most common types of property disputes are:

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